• Going In Style – Letters

    Going In Style – Letters

    Short form co-branded promo cut for Warner Bros feature film, "Going In Style".

  • Going In Style – Groceries

    Going In Style – Groceries

    Short form co-branded promo cut for Warner Bros feature film, "Going In Style".

  • Going In Style – FACEBOOK

    Going In Style – FACEBOOK

    Short form co-branded promo cut for Warner Bros feature film, "Going In Style"

  • Going In Style – SNAPCHAT!

    Going In Style – SNAPCHAT!

    Short form co-branded promo cut for Warner Bros feature film, "Going In Style"

  • Going In Style – CELL PHONES

    Going In Style – CELL PHONES

    Short form co-branded promo cut for Warner Bros feature film, "Going In Style"

  • Superman Unbound: Kandor Bottle City

    Superman Unbound: Kandor Bottle City

    It is the former capital city of the planet Krypton and is best known for being miniaturized and then stolen by the supervillain Brainiac.…

  • The New Nikita

    The New Nikita

    Featurette documentary about bringing back NIKITA to the CW Network. Distributed by Warner Home Entertainment.

  • Men of a Certain Age: Bitter Sweet 50

    Men of a Certain Age: Bitter Sweet 50

    Featurette about the mid-life crisis show, 'Men of a Certain Age' starring Ray Romano and other notable talent for TNT Networks. Distributed through Warner…

  • Longmire: The Camera’s Eye

    Longmire: The Camera’s Eye

    Cowboy western meets CSI. This featurette takes us into the world of Longmire, a series on A&E Network and distributed through Warner Home Entertainment.

  • Inside Division Profiles: Percy

    Inside Division Profiles: Percy

    Character profile featurette for CW Network's spy thriller, 'NIKITA', profiling the lead villain, Percy. Distributed by Warner Home Entertainment.

  • Life in Suburgatory

    Life in Suburgatory

    Behind-the-Scenes featurette on the comedy series 'Suburgatory' airing on ABC Network. Distributed by Warner Home Entertainment.

  • Uverse Sports: Iditarod

    Uverse Sports: Iditarod

    Character-driven doc series following mushers and their furry athletes through one of the most grueling races on the planet in Alaska. Originally aired on…

  • Uverse Sports: GoPro Mountain Games

    Uverse Sports: GoPro Mountain Games

    The annual outdoor event that is coveted by thousands. It's X-games meets Colorado Mountain outdoor recreation. We follow a handful of competitors as they…

  • Tazmanian Devil

    Tazmanian Devil

    A special featurette documentary about Warner Bros lovable twisted villain to Bugs Bunny, the Tazmanian Devil. For Warner Home Entertainment

  • Arkham Anaylzed

    Arkham Anaylzed

    Special Featurette documentary telling the backstory of the Arkham Asylum. Distributed by Warner Home Entertainment

  • America: Wild & Wacky

    America: Wild & Wacky

    Unscripted series covering the spirit of competition with crazy festivals across the United States from Lawn Mower Racing, Road-kill Cookoff to catapulting pumpkins. Distributed by Smithsonian…

  • Mozaik Multimedia

    Mozaik Multimedia

    Cold Open cut for a set top box commerce solution by Mozaik Multimedia.

  • Toyota Carolla

    Toyota Carolla

    Rachel Dratch featured in this  Toyota spot for the new Carolla

  • Toyota Sequoia

    Toyota Sequoia

    Toyota spot starring George Lopez and his adventures with the new Toyota Sequoia.

  • Beating Vegas

    Beating Vegas

    An hour documentary about a team of MIT students who won millions off the Vegas casinos by mastering the skill of card counting. Distributed…

  • Presunka Family

    Presunka Family

    A  story about The Presunka Family and their challenges raising a child with a very rare disease. Video for Joni and Friends.

  • Justice League: The Balance

    Justice League: The Balance

    Featurette discussing the powers of the Justice League and how easily absolute power can corrupt. Distributed by Warner Bros Home Video

  • Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett Packard

    Corporate video detailing the advancements of Hewlett Packard's contribution to green energy with their latest hardware solutions.

  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

    What do you get when thousands of bicyclists take over the streets one day per month? Critical Mass is a worldwide movement to show…

  • Summerlin


    Life in a master-planned community. Summerlin residents gives us a personal look into what life is like within the walls of Summerlin. This video…

  • Musicians Village

    Musicians Village

    Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina with musicians in mind. Habitat for Humanity in addition to two very well known musicians work together to rebuild a…

  • Rumford Center

    Rumford Center

    Retrofitting old factory into new residential / commercial living space. This video was an installation for the 'House 2 Home' exhibit in the National Building…

  • Last Extinction

    Last Extinction

    Sales promo for Director/Writer, Michael Hanrahan for his latest interactive novel distributed through Amazon and iTunes.

  • Mob Chef

    Mob Chef

    Sizzle: Former mobster and chef, Angelo Lutz wants to lead a clean life after prison by opening an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. He is…

  • Bomb Hunters

    Bomb Hunters

    Sizzle reel telling the story of EOD units deployed overseas in the middle-east. This sizzle led to a two part series distributed through National…

  • Arrow: Comes Alive

    Arrow: Comes Alive

    Special Feature Documentary on the first season release of CW Network's, Arrow. This featurette covers backstory and the steps taken to create a new…

  • Cause 4 Life

    Cause 4 Life

    Short Promotional piece for Joni & Friends 'Cause 4 Life' department. Distributed on-line.

  • Arrow: Stunt / Fight School

    Arrow: Stunt / Fight School

    Behind the scenes featurette documentary on what it takes to pull off believable stunts and fights on CWs 'Arrow'. Distributed by Warner Bros Home…

  • 2016 Editors Reel

    2016 Editors Reel

    Editors reel showcasing long-form documentary, reality, special features content in addition to short form commercial. Please see resume/CV for network credits.

  • Uverse Sports: Badwater

    Uverse Sports: Badwater

    This three part docu-reality series follows five long-distance runners as they compete in the ultimate distance run through Death Valley in the hottest part…

  • Uverse Sports: Inside WFN

    Uverse Sports: Inside WFN

    Travel to Hawaii with Rossi Morelle and hang out with World Fishing Networks, Muriko Isumi. The duo tour Maui and antics follow around the…

  • Uverse Sports: Senior Games

    Uverse Sports: Senior Games

    Each year, thousands of seniors migrate to St. George Utah for the largest multi-sport event for athletes 50 years and older. Originally aired thru…

  • Miss Queen

    Miss Queen

    An unfinished doc pitch reel following three American transgendered women as they compete against women from around the world in Thailand to win the…